Immune Support Supplement – Elderberry + Zinc + Vitamin D + Magnesium

Infused With Supplements to Boost Immune System

Our immunity mints are infused with the supplements that help with boosting your immune system. Created with everyday wellness in mind to help the immunity system boosted to its highest levels anytime of the day.

What’s Inside Our Immune Support Mints

  • Each pack contains a total of 500mg Elderberry & 250mg Magnesium Glycinate & 100mg Zinc & 80mcg Vitamin D (10 mints)
  • Some of the best vitamins for immune system:
  • 50mg of Elderberry extract per mint
  • 25mg Magnesium Glycinate per mint
  • 10mg Zinc per mint (One of the best immune system vitamins)
  • 8mcg Vitamin D per mint
  • Flavor: Strong Peppermint
  • Number of immune support supplements: 10 infused all natural immunity mints per pack

More About the Immune Boosting Supplements In Our Mints

Elderberry: Used for a variety of ailments, Elderberry may be effective at fighting against inflammatory processes.

Vitamin-D: A key component for advanced immune function.

Zinc: Zinc effects many processes in the body, but has shown to be strongly effective at fighting infections and strengthening the immune system, by reducing inflammation. Magnesium is an important co-factor and critical to maximizing the performance of our immune support supplement.

Magnesium (as Glycinate): Magnesium levels are strongly related to healthy immune response. Magnesium Glycinate specifically absorption rate is higher than other versions of Magnesium.

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