Immunity – Elderberry + Zinc + Vitamin D + Magnesium – Immune Support in a Mint

We infused immune supportive ingredients into a delicious peppermint flavored mint. This is NOT an immunity gummy, an elderberry gummy, or an immunity vitamin. This is a crafted immune support formula infused into a mint and they are made in the USA.

Berry Minty flavor / 10 mints per pack

What's Inside?

Elderberry: Used for a variety of ailments, Elderberry may be effective at fighting against inflammatory processes.

Vitamin-D: A key component for advanced immune function.

Zinc: Zinc effects many processes in the body, but has shown to be strongly effective at fighting infections and strengthening the immune system, by reducing inflammation.

Magnesium (as Glycinate): Magnesium levels are strongly related to healthy immune response. Magnesium Glycinate specifically absorption rate is higher than other versions of Magnesium.