Hi! We’re David & Jason and we hate taking pills. When we started asking around we found out that we weren’t alone. 40% of American adults have difficulties swallowing pills and the other options on the market were limited. Since 2018 we have been developing a mint that we can infuse supplements into.

Then comes 2020…When covid hit we began researching & formulating an immunity support supplement. Something easy we can take behind the mask. We are excited to share our line of functional, convenient and tasty mints with you.

Ingredients We Use

Organic Caffeine

We source our Organic Caffeine made from free trade organic green coffee beans. Learn more about what Organic Caffeine can do for you.


We use Elderberry extract in our Immunity formulated mints. Learn more about how Elderberry works for immune function.


We use L-Theanine in two of our mint formulas. L-Theanine is great for relaxing the mind and allowing the brain to focus. Learn more about L-Theanine.

Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium is mineral we are all chronically deficient in, and it is so important for many functions. Learn more about why we use Magnesium Glycinate instead of other versions of Magnesium.


Learn more about GABA.


Learn more about Melatonin.


Learn more about Zinc.

Vitamin D

Learn more about Vitamin D