Can Bodybuilders Benefit from Oh My! Mints Energy & Focus Mints In Their Programs?

Bodybuilders choose a path that’s harder on their bodies than the average person.  On top of pushing themselves to extraordinary limits in the gym, often 5-7 days per week, they follow incredibly strict diets in order to ensure that their muscles are given the proper nutrients to grow, without causing excess body fat to accumulate in the process.

It’s no wonder why so many bodybuilders, both on an amateur and professional level, take supplements each day.  Many supplements aid in the body’s ability to build muscle tissue, support the recovery process, minimize joint discomfort, boost energy, and enhance endurance, to get more out of each gym session.  And, while not all bodybuilding supplements are created equally, we have something that might give your body the boost it’s looking for.

The Demands of Being a Bodybuilder

Like we said before, being a bodybuilder means choosing to push your body far beyond the average person’s, while following strict diet and lifestyle practices so that every day, you’re working toward your fitness goals.  Those who engage in bodybuilding are more likely to experience fatigue, rapid weight loss, and injury, which is why they must go above and beyond to support their bodies to avoid these issues, and even maintain optimal health.

Besides that, there’s another reality, which is that bodybuilding requires heavy demands in terms of those training sessions.  And, as we’re all human, we are not always motivated, energized, or feeling positive enough to really push ourselves to the max.  Sometimes, we need some extra help, and that’s where supplements often come into play.  Fortunately, the marketplace offers supplements that can offer that boost that bodybuilders need to reach their full potential on a regular basis.

Supplements for Bodybuilding: What’s Worth Trying?

Given the daily demands of being a bodybuilder, including the enormous amount of energy and endurance needed to reach one’s goals, it’s no surprise that so many turn to supplements that can enhance performance.  And, the market for performance-enhancing supplements is growing faster than ever, with all kinds of natural and synthetic formulas for things like energy levels, stamina, focus, muscle support, recovery support, muscle growth, and so on.

Of course, some supplements are more worth taking than others.  Because of that, we urge you to carefully look through ingredients lists, and verify that the brand you’re buying from is reputable.  It’s surprising how many workout supplements on the market don’t work, make misleading promises, or even have the potential to cause long-term side effects, as the market is not really regulated.

Oh My! Mints Energy & Focus Mints: Perfect for Reaching Your Daily Bodybuilding Goals

We believe that plant-based, holistic performance-boosting supplements are the way to go, as they can offer a more sustainable source of energy and focus to get you through your training, with a far lower risk of anxiety, hyperactivity, or that dreaded crash.  We carefully developed our Oh My!Mints Energy & Focus formula to deliver an ideal variety of plant-sourced ingredients for bodybuilders who take their training needs seriously, as well as their long-term health.  Our all-natural mints contain zero harmful ingredients and are also vegan.  Each mint contains 50mg PurCaf™ organic caffeine, and 50mg L-Theanine, for a synergistic effect that can take your gym sessions to the next level.  Let’s elaborate.

Pre-Workout Supplements

The purpose of pre-workout supplementation is to increase alertness, vascular pump & blood flow, and concentration on mind / muscle connection during your workout. However, the core reason for a pre-workout supplement is to boost energy levels to improve endurance for the workout. Organic caffeine taken sublingually pre and during workout may help in improving said performance. One benefit of our Energy & Focus mints is our strong peppermint flavor that opens the nasal passageways. With increased nasal oxygen intake, this should boost nitric oxide performance.

PurCaf Organic Caffeine for Bodybuilding

PurCaf™ is USDA-certified organic caffeine powder, which is sourced from ethically farmed, sustainably grown green coffee beans, offering the ideal absorption rate and bioavailability for those looking to experience better energy levels and concentration during the day, while avoiding an abrupt crash hours after taking the product.

PurCaf™ is additive-free, and it offers a far better alternative to synthetic caffeine found in many supplements, energy drinks, and cola beverages.  Synthetic caffeine is more commonly associated with excessive energy that can easily lead to anxiety, along with a harsh crash.  Organic caffeine, meanwhile, is gentler on the system, providing just enough energy to get you through a grueling workout session.

L-Theanine for Bodybuilders

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea, and many species of edible mushrooms.  It’s a known nootropic that can improve cognitive function and mood, helping a person maintain alertness and concentration, all while feeling more balanced, mentally.  L-theanine can also keep you calm and relaxed while you exercise, while aiding in the recovery process by supporting the body’s natural state of equilibrium.

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