Best Coffee Alternatives You Need to Try

Coffee Alternatives For Those Seeking Something Different

Did you know that coffee is consumed by an estimated 1 billion people around the world, making it easily the most popular pick-me-up in the world?  Well, now you do.  High in caffeine, an alkaloid known for its stimulating properties, coffee comes with all kinds of benefits, aiding in improved cognitive function, better productivity, improved bladder function, improved kidney function, and more.


Yet, not everyone wants to get on or stay on the coffee train, especially when their coffee habit revolves around getting expensive coffee beverages at that café in town, which are loaded with milk and sugar, adding tremendously to their daily calorie counts and sugar intakes.  Because of that, we are here to offer a list of the best alternatives to coffee, which can help you get your morning started on the right foot, so you can feel awake, alert, and energized, ready to take on the day ahead.

Why Choose an Alternative to Coffee, Anyway?

The coffee that we drink comes from coffee beans, which are grown in various warm climates around the world.  Coffee beans are roasted, and then brewed, to offer us that perfect cup that wakes us up and helps us feel refreshed.  Overall, coffee is considered a safe substance that’s not associated with any major harm.

However, people often give up coffee for personal reasons.  For one thing, coffee is very acidic, and certain individuals find that after a while of drinking it, they begin to develop irritation along the digestive tract.  For others, coffee turns into an expensive habit, as they find themselves needing a cup every hour just to stay awake and functional.  Whatever the reason, there are alternatives to coffee which can be just as helpful at giving you a boost.

What are the Most Commonly Recommended Alternatives to Coffee?

Keep in mind that we are sticking to products that’re generally as healthy or healthier than coffee, and so we won’t be going over energy drinks and other strong stimulants that involve consuming lots of sugar and other unwanted ingredients.  Now, let’s take a look at the most effective coffee replacements out there.

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a type of green tea that is sold in powder form, consisting of dried and ground up leaves that are higher in antioxidants than your average green tea variety.  Matcha tea can also be useful in treating hypertension.  It does contain caffeine, and because of that, it can give you the same effect as coffee, but with added benefits, while being easier on the digestive system thanks to its lower acidity level.

Chicory “Coffee”

Chicory “coffee” isn’t actually coffee, but brewed, dried chicory root.  A staple during the Great Depression, when coffee was in low supply, chicory coffee offers similar stimulating properties, while also aiding in digestive health by boosting the growth of beneficial bacteria.  Chicory is caffeine-free, so that’s something to bear in mind.  It’s also known for aiding in liver health by promoting the development of bile.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate does contain caffeine, and it’s a brewed beverage commonly consumed in South America.  Yerba mate offers about the same amount of caffeine as coffee, and it has a uniquely earthy flavor.  In addition to helping you feel more awake, yerba mate is rich in vitamins and other nutrients that can cumulatively improve our health.  It’s richer in vitamins than coffee, making it beneficial in all kinds of ways.

Mushroom “Coffee”

Mushroom “coffee” is another non-coffee, non-caffeinated substitute that can be brewed like coffee, but instead contains powders of dried beneficial, nonintoxicating mushrooms.  This product can contain any variety of mushrooms, but in general, mushrooms in the formula are selected for their ability to boost cognitive functions and energy levels, in a more gradual and subtle way than caffeine.  Of course, these mushrooms have added health benefits as well, like improved immunity and blood pressure, making for the perfect daily beverage.


Kombucha is a fermented tea that is just below the threshold that would make it an alcoholic beverage, in terms of its alcohol content.  It tastes sort of like carbonated iced tea, with some sourness that comes from its bacteria content.  Incredibly good for gut health, kombucha can offer a gentle lifting effect that gets you going, without being as stimulating as coffee.

The Best Alternative: OhMy!Mints Energy & Focus, Made with Organic PurCaf™!

No doubt, those who would like to abstain from coffee, or simply bring down the number of cups they drink per day, have more options than ever before.  This brings us to Energy & Focus Mints at OhMy!Mints.  The key active ingredient in our mints is PurCaf™, which is what we truly believe to be the best source of organic caffeine for supplement products.  PurCaf™ is the cleanest, most ethical, and most effective form of organic caffeine there is, period.  It’s USDA-certified organic caffeine powder, which is easily added to supplement formulas.  It’s sourced from ethically farmed, sustainably grown green coffee beans, delivering the ideal absorption rate and bioavailability for those looking to experience better energy levels and concentration during the day, while avoiding an abrupt crash hours after taking the product.

Our Energy & Focus Mints at Oh My! Mints uses a combination of PurCaf™ and L-Theanine, to offer synergistic benefits that can give you the effects of coffee, without the actual coffee beverage.  L-Theanine is a cognitive-boosting nootropic that can make you feel more alert and motivated, while balancing mood and preventing any kind of jittery effects or harsh crash a couple hours after consumption.  Together, these two ingredients offer the ultimate duo to help you get started in the morning, or even shake off that midday slump.

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